Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Why you need “Stop Smoking Hypnosis”

If you or someone you love is a smoker, then it’s important to know… everyone stops smoking eventually!


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

As you’ve likely guessed, one of those ways is… death (queue ominous music). Unfortunately, smoking is a big contributor to rushing that process along.

This post is not meant to scare you. It’s purpose is to let you know that one doesn’t have to wait for the inevitable, in order to be free of the habit.

There are many methods out there to Stop Smoking…

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (gums, sprays, patches)
  • Prescription Drugs (Zyban, Chantix, Champex, etc)
  • Acupuncture
  • Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy
  • Cold Turkey

… but which is the BEST way?

I can tell you which has been scientifically proven to be the best way… but strangely enough, it’s not the same way that most doctors prescribe… because that’s just it… how do you prescribe something that is natural?

Stop Smoking Hypnosis … either hypnosis (listening to a recording) or hypnotherapy (therapy using hypnosis)… is the BEST way to quit.

Acupuncture is the next best way along with “Cold Turkey” (aka Willpower). Strangely enough, the other methods mentioned are around 2-8% effective but those are the ones with the largest advertising budgets… so you get to hear about them more.

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Don’t wait for the inevitable! Don’t let that nasty habit continue to waste your time, your money… or your life. Pick a method to quit… and like Nike says… “JUST DO IT”!

Ever Made a Resolution to Quit Smoking… Yet Still You Smoke?

Welcome to the New Year

Every year at this time a new year is birthed and with it comes the promise of a fresh start. Most people will make a promise to themselves about how they are going to make this New Year better than the last.

If you’re like the millions of other smokers then you might have made STOP SMOKING your New Year’s resolution. Then again, if you’re like most people, by the middle of February your resolution has lost its resolve and you’re pretty much in the same place you were on December 31… Smoking!

This is actually to be expected because your subconscious and conscious mind needs to be in agreement to make sustainable change happen. The problem is your subconscious mind (the part responsible for your habits) is designed to protect you… and the best way it knows how to “keep you safe” is NOT TO CHANGE!

Hypnosis is the perfect tool for creating sustainable change because it allows us to speak directly to the subconscious and give it the proper instructions on why to change and how to change. Once it has the why & how you can at last break the old cycle and be free of the habit.

With hypnosis, this New Year’s Resolution can be different. Call today to make this year smoke free!





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Emotions and the Subconscious

The subconscious uses two languages to communicate with our conscious mind:

1)      Pictures

2)      Emotions

When an event in your life is fused with an emotion, it gets put in the subconscious memory as a tagged file. This tagged file can then be recalled by the subconscious mind more easily and can produce behaviour or feelings based on the contents of the file.

For example, if as a child, you were bitten by a dog when you went to pat it, this would have caused an emotion of ‘fear’. If then, at a later time, you came across another dog, the subconscious mind may look in the file cabinet of the mind and when it reads the contents will know how it had emotionally handled the event previously (i.e. dog = fear) and likely default to the same emotion, unless it is over-ruled by the conscious mind. The more times the emotional reaction of ‘dog = fear’ is allowed to run, the more assured the subconscious mind is that it is ‘doing the right thing’ and more difficult it can be to consciously change that behavior.

This of course, works in a positive sense too. They say that “success breeds success”. Someone who has experienced a success (even a small one) and fused a positive emotion such as ‘joy’ or ‘ fulfillment’ to the event will find it easier to achieve the next bit of ‘success’ because the subconscious mind has just found a pathway to feeling ‘joy’ and/or ‘ fulfillment’. Behaviors begin to form subconsciously that will continue to perpetuate ‘success’ and thus reinforce the feeling.

Have you ever seen a grown adult suddenly act like a child when put under a stressful situation? This is a perfect example of this in action. When the conscious mind gets overloaded (which is amazingly easy to do) it defaults to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind finds the tagged file and performs the default behaviour based on what they are currently feeling and the situation they are experiencing. Because the subconscious mind has no concept of time, this behaviour could have been running since they were a child. For some, this program has run so many times that they aren’t even consciously aware of their behaviour.

All business people and investors that have created long term success have always said the same basic thing. “You must control your emotions if you expect to control your money”. People who have been in the cycle of making lots of money through business or investing only to lose it, have had to take a very close and in-depth look at their emotional files to break out of their cycle. These people always need a mentor or coach to help them see outside themselves and get a different perspective of what is really going on inside them.

If you’re not where you want to be financially, it may be that you just aren’t aware of tools that will help you become successful. But, if you are aware of such tools and you STILL aren’t where you want to be, then it is very likely that you have subconscious behaviors tied to emotions that are actually working against you!

Hypnotherapy is one of the BEST tools available to work with the subconscious mind and change the behaviors that are keeping you from becoming successful. Why continue to run the same old patterns and behaviour when you can create new ones that will work with you. The amazing part is, that it will seem almost like magic, because it is happening subconsciously (i.e. under the radar of the conscious mind). Suddenly things will begin to happen for you that never happened before. Beneficial people and opportunities will just appear… all because the subconscious behaviors have changed. When this happens, you know you’re on your way to creating a ‘Wealth Mindset’.

To learn more about creating a ‘Wealth Mindset’, give Craig a call.

Are you killing yourself with cigarrettes?

It’s time to free yourself from the chains of cigarrette addiction.

  • You KNOW that you should stop smoking
  • You WANT to stop smoking
  • You NEED to stop smoking

So why haven’t you? I’ll tell you why…

It’s NOT your fault! At least…not your conscious mind’s fault. The conscious mind is responsible for logic and reasoning. Naturally, it wants to quit smoking.

The true culprit?

Your subconsious mind! That’s the part of the mind responsible for your emotions and habits. The subconscious will continue to run the ‘Emotional Need Programming’ chaining you to cigarettes until it has been changed. Most of the time, YOU NEED HELP to alter that programming.

Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) are two VERY POWERFUL tools to rewrite the subconscious mind’s programming. Simple, Easy and FAST!

New Scientist magazine reported research by scientists at Iowa University who analysed the results of 600 studies of nearly 72,000 people in Europe and the USA who had used different methods to quit smoking. They found that hypnosis is consistently the most successful way to become a non-smoker.

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Your Wealth Mindset

Why is it that some people are wealthy while others struggle? Why do some people that don’t appear overly intelligent manage to amass fortunes, while others who appear very intelligent can’t seem to keep up with their bills? On the other hand, you know of intelligent people who have become very wealthy and people with average intelligence who are broke. Perhaps intelligence is not the key factor to achieving wealth.

The key factor to achieving wealth is a ‘Wealth Mindset’. A mindset is an ingrained belief system or set of behaviours that creates a powerful subconscious incentive to follow a certain course of action.  This means that despite your best intentions, you may end up defaulting to a habit that is determined by your mindset. For example, a person with a ‘Health Mindset’ can’t help but eat well and look after their body. It just doesn’t feel right to them NOT to act that way. Someone with a Poverty Mindset will have subconscious behaviours (i.e. habits) that tend to see money ‘fly away’ from them and are somehow always broke, or headed for broke.

Here are 3 tasks that if you take the time to perform them regularly, they will become habits and help you form a ‘Wealth Mindset’.

  1. Manage your money – If you can’t handle the money you currently have, then you won’t be able to handle larger amounts. There are many tip and tricks available to teach you how to manage your money, but one of the most important is to SAVE at least 10% of everything you make in a separate bank account. That’s a very important tip… it must be a separate account than what you use for anything else.
  2. Manage your attitude – You must be mindful of how you view wealthy people. Do you subconsciously harbour envy, anger or disdain for those with money? Notice what that little voice in the back of your mind is saying when you are confronted with wealth creation ideas. If you find you are thinking negatively about money  (e.g. there’s not enough to go around) or those with money  (e.g. those filthy rich people are all greedy), you need to immediately stop that thought, say to your old attitude “Thank you for your input, but that no longer serves”, then come up with a positive thought to repeat several times. The more you do this, the less that negative attitude will appear and the closer you get to creating a ‘Wealth Mindset’.
  3. Manage your input – If you put the wrong fuel in your car, it doesn’t run as well as it should. If you put excessive amounts of rich or fatty foods in your body, it’s not going to run as well as it should. If you stuff your head with gossip, rumours, reality TV, or other such mindless ‘fluff’, your mind isn’t going to run as well as it should. To form a ‘Wealth Mindset’, change the input. Read, watch or listen to wealth creation material.

Because your mindset is formed from your subconscious beliefs, you can easily and quickly create dramatic change… with the right tools. Hypnosis and NLP are two amazing tools that are designed specifically for changing your subconscious beliefs.


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