Heading “Home” for Winter

The Chinese correlate winter with the element of water, the kidney’s and their energy which contain both yin and yang.  The essence of ones life force. 

Summer time we are celebrating and active, engaging in the natural flow of the season.  External and moving.

Winter is all about being internal, re-charging the batteries and rejuvenating on all levels…body, mind and soul…”returning home”

It’s interesting that the Chinese associate fear as the emotion that governs the Kidneys.  Given there is a little bean type appendage attached to the top of the Kidney, (known as the adrenal gland) that is responsible for our flight and fight response, it makes sense.

Back in the day when we were running from wild animals our “flight and fight” response kept us from being eaten.  Present day, we run on stress 24/7.

Winter time is your opportunity to take a few rain-cheques in your schedule and head on “home” for a little R&R…

Replenish – body, mind and soul

Quality Sleep, hydrating with warm fluids and nourishing with foods that refuel the body is known in Chinese medicine as “stoking the Ming Men” the winter winning formula for a life of vitality.

Meaning, top up the fuel tank and get that life fire of yours charging on all cylinders to maintain growth, development, reproduction, digestion and cognition.

Human beings are designed to adapt to their environment, at any cost. When ”busy” has consumed your everyday, disconnection from your basic needs occur and you end up running on empty and then expect to perform at full capacity, sound familiar?

Somewhere down the track screws start to come loose and the cracks start to become canyons that swallow you up into the abyss of exhaustion and overwhelm.

A preventative approach is always the best approach.  It really is like putting your car in for a service, it runs a lot better, for a lot longer.


The water element is all about flow and creating the path of least resistance.

Winter is a great time to reflect on the year that has passed.  Reviewing what has worked for you in all areas of your life; relationships, abundance, health, fulfillment. Equally, what hasn’t worked for you.  Redefining and refining stream lines you to an effortless place of creation.

Reconnect with your vision, dreaming and intimate relationships on heart and soul level. Set your intention for the year ahead and let the inspiration bubble up to guide you through the unfolding.

 7 Modern Day Winter Warmers – Easy ways to recharge your batteries

  1. Wake every morning with 7 deep breath, get present, get in gratitude. The same on falling asleep – reflect on the day with thanks for all.
  2. Hot water and lemon on rising – Half a lemon squeezed into a mug of hot water
  3. Movement – whatever that is for you…but move!  Walk, yoga, chi gong or gym
  4. Nourishing Kidney Winter Warmers: No surprise diet is one of the most important elements…
  5. Room temperature water – 1 liter a day
  6. Finish the day with a candle lite bath and some of your favourite music.
  7. Acupuncture tune ups – I may be bias, but for good reason.  This stuff has been around for thousands of years…and works!  The people I work with who deal with various dis-harmonies and high levels of stress notice huge increases in their productivity, energy and general over all well- being.

Which is why I want YOU to have the same experience.  The stress buster is a one hour bliss session of deep relaxation and replenishment.  I am offering 3 sessions and gifting the 4th one for FREE.

It’s time to look after YOU, right?

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Why you need “Stop Smoking Hypnosis”

If you or someone you love is a smoker, then it’s important to know… everyone stops smoking eventually!


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

As you’ve likely guessed, one of those ways is… death (queue ominous music). Unfortunately, smoking is a big contributor to rushing that process along.

This post is not meant to scare you. It’s purpose is to let you know that one doesn’t have to wait for the inevitable, in order to be free of the habit.

There are many methods out there to Stop Smoking…

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (gums, sprays, patches)
  • Prescription Drugs (Zyban, Chantix, Champex, etc)
  • Acupuncture
  • Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy
  • Cold Turkey

… but which is the BEST way?

I can tell you which has been scientifically proven to be the best way… but strangely enough, it’s not the same way that most doctors prescribe… because that’s just it… how do you prescribe something that is natural?

Stop Smoking Hypnosis … either hypnosis (listening to a recording) or hypnotherapy (therapy using hypnosis)… is the BEST way to quit.

Acupuncture is the next best way along with “Cold Turkey” (aka Willpower). Strangely enough, the other methods mentioned are around 2-8% effective but those are the ones with the largest advertising budgets… so you get to hear about them more.

 Click here to find out about our amazing Stop Smoking With Hypnosis audio set!
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Don’t wait for the inevitable! Don’t let that nasty habit continue to waste your time, your money… or your life. Pick a method to quit… and like Nike says… “JUST DO IT”!

doTERRA’s New Year Kick Starters

Holiday celebrations are wonderful. For some it can be a time of excess consumption and possibly another “guilty” motivation behind how you choose your New Years Resolutions.

doTERRA’s  Certified Pure Therapeutic essential oils have two wonderful products to help kick your digestion and metabolism back into gear.

Slim & Sassy

Slim & Sassy

Slim & Sassy

A brilliant support to help balance metabolism and decrease appetite. Along with eating clean, exercising the Slim & Sassy essential oil blend promotes healthy hydration.  There are many unhealthy “diet” potions that use diuretics that cause the body to release water resulting in short-term weight loss, but also resulting in dehydration and other negative health consequences. Drinking water regularly throughout the day can help support efforts to eat less calories. Proper hydration is also essential for metabolic functions throughout the body and supports cellular energy and activity.

        • Appetite & Hunger Management
        • Calms Stomach
        • Adds proper hydration
        • Lifts Mood






This little bottle of goodness is fantastic for when your feeling:

        • Congestion
        • Constipated
        • Diarrhea
        • Heartburn
        • Indigestion
        • Motion sickness
        • Nausea
        • Stomach ache


To learn more about how these & other doTERRA Essential Oils can help you, contact Michelle!

P: (07) 5533 2269
E: michelle@healingandteachinghaven.com.au

Transforming Life Cycles

Nature reflects the beauty of cycles at every turn…

  • Night and Day
  • The Oceans Tides
  • Birth and Death
  • The Seasons
  • Our Food
  • Our Genetics
  • The Animal Kingdom
  • Yin and Yang

The Chinese observed this universal law from the beginning of time and replicated the cycle of life as a model of medicine known as “The 5 Phase Cycle”

5 Cycles

Cycles are a natural state….a course of action that allows flow. Each element depicted in the image above: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water holds a vibrational energy, a purpose and fundamental function. When the internal flow of each element becomes obstructed, it is then reflected externally manifesting undesirable outcomes both physically and in our lives.

The 5 phase Cycle is interconnected on all levels and has two major systems within it.  One is known as the Sheng Cycle, its job is to nourish and restore; The other is the Ko Cycle which controls and directs the energy.  Both are interdependent on each other to create a functional cycle that co-exists for creation.

The concept of cycles is fundamental to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The interplay of Yin-Yang is an endless cycle of action and interaction. Nothing is static. Nothing is absolute. Everything is dependent on (relative to) everything else. All things must CHANGE!

So, how does the 5 Phase Cycle translate to transforming old cycles that no longer serve you?

15 years working as a Clinical Chinese Acupuncturist treating many people with varying disharmonies, mental, physical and spiritual I have observed time and time again a return to wellness with a bonus prize of inner calmness.

Over the years I have been in complete amazement. I stick pins into invisible channels called meridians and people transform and align. There is no other conclusion other than we are energy beings.  Science is now validating what Chinese Medicine has been advocating for thousands of years.

Once we understand how our energy system works we can truly master our life. There is a flow that is mapped out for us in the 5 Phase Cycle and is just one of the many systems I have combined to create a process of deep connection and knowing within ones self to transform old patterning into life lessons to align with your unique “soul purpose”.

When visiting your resolutions for 2014 I encourage you to dig a little deeper and explore your old cycle, identify the energetic imprint at play to then have the awareness to consciously transform the old to align with your heart and souls calling.

To explore and discover your inner kingdom, I would love to hear from you.

Michelle Cannan
Acupuncturist, Energy & Life Purpose coach
(07) 55 33 22 69

Ever Made a Resolution to Quit Smoking… Yet Still You Smoke?

Welcome to the New Year

Every year at this time a new year is birthed and with it comes the promise of a fresh start. Most people will make a promise to themselves about how they are going to make this New Year better than the last.

If you’re like the millions of other smokers then you might have made STOP SMOKING your New Year’s resolution. Then again, if you’re like most people, by the middle of February your resolution has lost its resolve and you’re pretty much in the same place you were on December 31… Smoking!

This is actually to be expected because your subconscious and conscious mind needs to be in agreement to make sustainable change happen. The problem is your subconscious mind (the part responsible for your habits) is designed to protect you… and the best way it knows how to “keep you safe” is NOT TO CHANGE!

Hypnosis is the perfect tool for creating sustainable change because it allows us to speak directly to the subconscious and give it the proper instructions on why to change and how to change. Once it has the why & how you can at last break the old cycle and be free of the habit.

With hypnosis, this New Year’s Resolution can be different. Call today to make this year smoke free!





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