Life Purpose & Energy Coaching

What is Life Purpose and Energy Coaching?

Are you experiencing a sense of…

  • Feeling lost
  • Something feels like it’s missing in your life
  • Frequently frustrated
  • Feeling  blocked, stuck, at a dead end
  • Physically and Mentally Drained
  • Find yourself repeating patterns no matter what you do to try and change the cycle
  • Questioning what the true meaning of life is all about

After 20 years of seeking answers from all over the world on how to transform her own pain and confusion, Michelle Cannan wanted to create a process that would empower people to consciously recognise each challenge as an opportunity for evolution.

In her quest, Michelle received a Bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004 and has since cultivated and become a medical and business intuitive, studied various neural and energetic modalities to develop a five phase transformational process that is applied to personal,  business,  relationship and financial cycles.

Like reading a map, once you know where you are in your cycle, you then know where you need to travel too.

The five step process teaches you how life cycles are the pathway to unlocking frustrating, re-occurring blocks and are part of the master plan for you to learn, experience and consciously align with your souls design.

You will …

  •  Learn to align life cycles with life lessons for your Soul’s transformation.
  •  Develop emotional and conscious fitness. The key to life resilience.
  •  Welcome life challenges as incredible opportunities to evolve.
  •  Learn how to transform Pain and Confusion into Clarity and Certainty.
  •  Learn the languages of the Mind, Heart and Soul and how they interrelate.
  •  Learn to differentiate, connect to and understand how varying sensations you experience are the yin and the yang aspects of transformation.

Praise …

“From the moment I met Michelle I knew she would change my life. She helped me identify and shift many limiting core beliefs that were holding me back in all areas of my life and keeping me trapped in negative, painful patterns. Since working with Michelle, my business has blossomed, my self-esteem has increased exponentially, and my relationships are healthy and blissful. She has a delightful personality, an x-ray intuition, a fantastic sense of humour and a warmth, kindness and softness that makes you feel 100% safe when dealing with the toughest of emotions. Michelle is a genuine practitioner with a heart of gold and a very special gift. If you are stuck in negative patterns that you can’t shift alone, do your life a favour and come and meet the soul whisperer. She is an angel on earth.”

Claire Cottone


“I started working with Michelle Cannan about a year ago. My brother kept telling me I should see her. Initially I resisted, then the day came that I felt like I was falling apart physically and mentally and finally made the call to Michelle…that day was the start my new life.

I was at a cross road, not sure of which direction to take and what steps I needed to make to move forward. Whilst working with Michelle we worked on transforming limiting belief systems into aligned core values. Without realising, I started to live my life on my terms. She shared life tools to help me let things go and empower myself to live in the moment

My greatest challenge this year was travelling through Europe on my own. Michelle was always only a message away, encouraging and supporting me to find the courage in my low moments to continue my journey of self love. Mish gave me the foundation to help me “see” myself for the first time, what an amazing gift.

I would highly recommend anyone to work with Michelle as without her I would not have the tools to feel empowered everyday. One of her key words when you get it is BOOM…well, I got it…BOOM!!!”

Annette Corbett


I started seeing Mish in January 2015 at a stage where I was a complete loss, I was disconnected from my kids and husband as much as they were my priority and family is my most valued treasure I could not feel connected as I had no connection with myself. I had resigned from a job that I truly loved and had put a great deal of energy into. I defined myself worth with that job and when I was not being treated with the respect I deserved, I took it really personal. I put so much energy into rescuing people and felt so sad and disappointed when I really needed help and support that these people were nowhere to be seen.

Then my beautiful sister in law passed away, really suddenly and I was in crisis and was grieving I had no idea on how to put the pieces back together or even what my life would resemble now as the pieces no longer fitted, as well as dealing with my own grief I was trying to support those around me.

I had seen a psychologist for several months which gave me great insight in to why I reacted the way I did to things, being so overwhelmed with tears on so many occasions that I could not even speak. Though I still did not know how or what to do from there. I felt that the psychologist had made me feel validated but I did not have an action plan as such

I started seeing Michelle on a regular basis working through lots of things that I felt I had addressed in the past but were still underling, showing up in ways I couldn’t ever have imagined. Michelle helped me work on solutions rather than problems. With her guidance I felt I could process the feelings behind it and how it “showed up” for me, rather than hashing over and over my problems again and again. I suddenly had a new perspective seeing my issues as a gift to truly transform my life

I now am more connected to myself my kids and my husband than ever before, I no longer battle with my teenage daughter daily, we talk about so many things and I feel really connected to her. I am now in an amazing new job with fantastic people better than I could of ever imagined (but by no means does it define me). I think about my sister in law every day still and thank her for the gift she has given me in being present every day, being truly mindful.

I highly recommend Mish and do so to all of my friends, she is not only compassionate, insightful and just a great energy to be around. Mish truly cares about helping you on your journey, creating solutions not focusing on problems, she is down to earth sharing her own journey and giving me such a broader respect of myself and others.

Love you Mish Thank you

Kate Backus


There comes a time in your life, when you come to realise that you are worthy of extraordinary.  A time when you have a deep KNOWING that what we believe, think, say & do, has actually be programmed for the purpose of keeping us alive…programming designed to keep us in survival mode.

I can’t remember what that the trigger was, however, the day this realisation bubbled into my awareness, Michelle Cannan showed up in my life.

Michelle and her deeply meaningful Soul Alignment Process, has freed me from the shackles of my senses…human functions which lead us to believe in illusions.  Illusions that keep us safe, small & settling for what the “unconscious masses” believe to be enough. I discovered what my Soul Value is…and how this powerfully relates how effortlessly I attract extraordinary wealth into my life.

Of all the work I have fulfilled within this “personal/spiritual development” field over the last 10 years, the Soul Alignment Process has been by far, the most peaceful, expansive…profound personal growth experience of my life.

If Michelle Cannan has shown up in your life…it’s not by coincidence, fluke or mistake.  Her work is so potent & purposeful, and for that reason, I implore you to quieten your fear-based ego mind and fully step into her magic process.

Amber Mclean


I went to a Soul Apprenticeship with Michelle earlier this year and followed up with the five week Soul Alignment process. I honestly highly recommend her. I am so much better at this whole life thing now! I know now when something undesirable comes my way that there is a message and a gift in it for me. I observe and steer my life now, rather than just let it all happen and be the victim. Thank you Michelle

Phoebe Grace Roberts 

“This woman I love. If you have never experienced Michelle Cannan you are missing something quite special. After years of combining practices in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) modalities in neuro-sciences plus a whole life of valuable experiences, Mish has created a really inspirational process to help people breakthrough, own and sustain their soul’s purpose. I am gladly on her program and seeing some really nice shifts within myself. I urge anyone who might be struggling still within themselves to look her up. It’s so clear when you get it. GO! Thanks Mish”

Debra Robertson 


“I’ve been seeing Michelle now for nearly six months, and I have noticed such a huge change in myself. When I first started seeing Michelle I was sick daily, I was waiting to have another arthroscopy on my knee and I was depressed. The doctors couldn’t offer relief, even with their cocktail of drugs. Now I’m not sick all the time, my knee feels fine even after an hour step class, and my depression has eased. I no longer feel completely helpless. Michelle has helped me to identify the energy fields I have within myself and how to use them. She has taught me how to release negative thoughts and embrace acceptance. I now look to my authentic self to find answers and reassurance rather than seek from others. I would (and have) recommend Michelle to numerous friends and colleagues, as I believe everyone can benefit! Even its just for a bit of R&R.”


“I was blessed to meet Michelle Cannan five months ago, and felt a sense of warmth and peace at the Healing and Teaching Haven. I wanted to change my lifestyle, thus started Acupuncture treatments and embarked on a journey to shift and feel amazing on every level. I observed that Acupuncture allowed me to open my heart to more positive aspects in life.  Acupuncture balanced my chi and gave me the power to stop the vices I was ready to overcome. Although a challenge Michelle supported me through every level of this process with holistic counseling, the tools I needed, massage and the magic of Acupuncture. I felt amazingly loved and free to heal during treatments and would soulfully proclaim that she is the most professional, holistic spiritual loving healer ever…”

 Lani Motiekaitis




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