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Michelle Cannan’s journey as a healer has been one that came naturally. Gifted with insightful wisdom from a young age and the ability to read human behavior, she navigated her way through major life challenges to be able to now guide others to their place of purpose and wellness.

12 years ago Michelle received her bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In that time she has observed hundreds of people return to physical and mental health with the use of Acupuncture and guided support to expose old emotional patterns that no longer serve.

As well as her Acupuncture practice, Michelle runs seminars, workshops and facilitates personal Life Purpose and Energy Coaching Sessions.



Craig Cannan  (CCH)


Like many people, Craig’s first exposure to hypnosis was watching a stage hypnotist. At the end of the show, the hypnotist would always leave the volunteers with a positive hypnotic suggestion. Although very entertaining and interesting it raised the question, “what are the full benefits of hypnosis?”.

Many years later Craig discovered Dolores Cannon, whose research into therapy using Past Life Regression inspired him to look further into the powerful and effective uses of hypnosis.

The idea of using hypnosis to positively transform a person’s reality got his attention and inspired Craig to pursue wholeheartedly what is now his passion.  He now uses hypnosis to help people free themselves from self limiting beliefs and specialises in Stop Smoking Therapy.

Craig trained at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta (HTIA) in Canada, where after hundreds of hours of training he graduated as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCH) as well as a Certified Stage Hypnotist. He continues his research into developing techniques that facilitate positive transformation in his own and others lives.

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