Quit Smoking MP3

Quit Smoking Hypnosis mp3

This 7 part audio program not only gives you the secret to why quitting smoking has been hard, but gives you the key to freeing yourself from the cigarette addiction.

break free | stop smoking with hypnosis

stop smoking hypnosis


Included in Your Program:

mp3 #1: Understanding the Habit

This audio give you the secret to why you’ve found it so difficult to quit. I also explains why quit smoking hypnosis is so incredibly effective for CRUSHING the habit.

Crush the habit | stop smoking with hypnosis

stop smoking hypnosis

mp3 #2: Your Personal Smoking History

Your smoking history is the key to unlocking the chains that bind you to the habit. Follow along to this recording while you fill out the supplied worksheet and you will be ready to begin your transformation into a non-smoker.

mp3 #3: Review Your Personal Smoking History

This recording is the first hypnotic track that guides you through your personal smoking history. This carefully designed track will reawaken the REAL reasons you started smoking and puts into your hand, the key to your freedom from cigarettes. There is also a self evaluation that you will use to determine how ready you are to quit smoking… and what to do if you’re not quite ready.

Listening to headphones | stop smoking with hypnosis

stop smoking hypnosis mp3

mp3 #4: Preparing Your Mind & Body

Your mind and body have been convinced you are a smoker. This recording prepares your mind and body to release that belief. Sit back and relax as the cravings you experienced simply drain away.

mp3 #5: Freeing Yourself From the Habit

You are now ready to complete the transformation into a non-smoker using quit smoking hypnosis. Mp3 #4 is quite often enough to send the habit packing, but this hypnotic track ensures that you will become a non-smoker.

mp3 #6: Positive Reinforcement

You have just made a major transformation in your life. These are things that need to be done that will “lock in” the benefits that you’ve gained and “lock out” the habit…. FOREVER! You can listen to this audio as many times as you like to help you as you need.

mp3 #7: The Craving Buster!

This amazing technique works like magic to eliminate ANY cravings that you may experience. That means you can use it to crush cravings for sweets too!

The Cost of Smoking…

quit and save | stop smoking with hypnosis

stop smoking hypnosis

You already know that smoking is expensive… but there is also the price to your health. You are on this page because you know it’s time to quit smoking and that hypnosis has been scientifically proven to be the most effective method.

I know you’ll agree that compared to the cost of a single month of smoking, the price of this program is minor, but the benefits are HUGE. Not only do you free yourself from a habit that literally kills you, but you get to benefit from the money you’re saving. Add to that the health benefits and you’re receiving MASSIVE VALUE for a very low cost.


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