Transforming Life Cycles

Nature reflects the beauty of cycles at every turn…

  • Night and Day
  • The Oceans Tides
  • Birth and Death
  • The Seasons
  • Our Food
  • Our Genetics
  • The Animal Kingdom
  • Yin and Yang

The Chinese observed this universal law from the beginning of time and replicated the cycle of life as a model of medicine known as “The 5 Phase Cycle”

5 Cycles

Cycles are a natural state….a course of action that allows flow. Each element depicted in the image above: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water holds a vibrational energy, a purpose and fundamental function. When the internal flow of each element becomes obstructed, it is then reflected externally manifesting undesirable outcomes both physically and in our lives.

The 5 phase Cycle is interconnected on all levels and has two major systems within it.  One is known as the Sheng Cycle, its job is to nourish and restore; The other is the Ko Cycle which controls and directs the energy.  Both are interdependent on each other to create a functional cycle that co-exists for creation.

The concept of cycles is fundamental to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The interplay of Yin-Yang is an endless cycle of action and interaction. Nothing is static. Nothing is absolute. Everything is dependent on (relative to) everything else. All things must CHANGE!

So, how does the 5 Phase Cycle translate to transforming old cycles that no longer serve you?

15 years working as a Clinical Chinese Acupuncturist treating many people with varying disharmonies, mental, physical and spiritual I have observed time and time again a return to wellness with a bonus prize of inner calmness.

Over the years I have been in complete amazement. I stick pins into invisible channels called meridians and people transform and align. There is no other conclusion other than we are energy beings.  Science is now validating what Chinese Medicine has been advocating for thousands of years.

Once we understand how our energy system works we can truly master our life. There is a flow that is mapped out for us in the 5 Phase Cycle and is just one of the many systems I have combined to create a process of deep connection and knowing within ones self to transform old patterning into life lessons to align with your unique “soul purpose”.

When visiting your resolutions for 2014 I encourage you to dig a little deeper and explore your old cycle, identify the energetic imprint at play to then have the awareness to consciously transform the old to align with your heart and souls calling.

To explore and discover your inner kingdom, I would love to hear from you.

Michelle Cannan
Acupuncturist, Energy & Life Purpose coach
(07) 55 33 22 69

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