Welcome to our Inaugural Blog

Welcome to the Healing and Teaching Haven’s (H&TH) inaugural blog.

WOW the dream is alive!! The joy brings tears to my eyes and deepest of gratitude for the journey to this point.

Over the last two and a half years the self-discovery path has been one that has turned me inside out and up side down to truly discover that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The founder of the H&TH, my late mother Corrine Helga Davis has left a legacy that honours her life’s work as a healer. In hindsight our dreams were aligned, although the expression of that dream was different, our intention was the same; to create a healing space where people are able to discover their inner workings and wellbeing.  I have been incredibly blessed to have found my twin flame in life whilst on this journey. My now husband Craig Cannan has been my rock, my light and the one who has opened me on so many levels. To have found such love is nothing short of fairy tale come true. We have come together as life and business partners doing what we love and love what we do…facilitating and supporting people on their path to wellness and abundance.

I would also like to acknowledge my nearest and dearest for their continual support and reassurance through this journey. You all kept me going in the toughest of times and always believed in me; Shar, Shane, Kerri, Cam and Leah, Kim, Janelle, Brenda, Rachel & Mihi…From deep in my heart…THANK YOU!!!

So, the “Haven at Yanbellila” is a place for you to come home to YOU. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, nestled on the 14 acres of native bushland in Numbah Valley. We offer Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Ear Candling, 3 hr Blisso- Delicio tailored packages, Mothers Day once a month and much more. There will be workshops, gatherings and many celebrations. In fact our first community meditation gathering around the camp fire is on June 2nd @ 7pm.
Kate Leopold, one very talented woman, will be holding the meditation…you may even know her awesome band Leopold’s Treat https://www.facebook.com/Leopolds.Treat.

Below is her outline for the evening…
“In this meditation session, we are going to explore some different tools for mindfulness and meditation, including sense withdrawal – reclaiming our attention in the present moment through awareness of our senses. Next, we will place our attention on the simple act of breathing – we will smile inwards and acknowledge the wonder and intelligence of our inner landscape. Moving on, we will use sound vibrations to tone and refresh our energy centers using the chakra system (also great for toning the vocal chords!), then to finish, a silent meditation to reflect and reset our intentions for a happy, healthy mind-body-spirit. If you have any questions drop me a line here or call 0412769827. My email is kleopold80@gmail.com if you want to get me there too.”

Make sure your follow us on the H&TH facebook page https://www.facebook.com/healingandteachinghaven and join our “Haven’s Happening” here on the website to stay in the loop.
Looking forward to sharing the journey beautiful people…and so it has begun!!!

Mish x