Who’s in da house???

When we are talking Traditional Chinese Medicine, “Shen” is in da house…”the what??” I hear you ask.

“Shen” is our spirit and the heart is the house where the spirit lives. When the house becomes over crowded with unwanted visitors (trauma & emotional pain) there is no room left for the “Shen” to hang out and our connection in life becomes distorted.

The heart has a direct channel to our thoughts and speech. When in balance we will experience joy, flow, calmness and a have general sense of ease. When “Shen” is out of house behaviours that could be displayed are; insomnia, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, ADHD, overwhelm and an inability to be able to focus and remain present.

As the mind can only project into the future or reflect on the past, it is the heart that keeps us in the NOW. So, if your house is full of unwanted guests it’s time to start handing out eviction notices, spring clean and clear the space.

Can I ask you to do something for YOU? I’ll take that as a yes ?

When you go to bed tonight, gently take a few breaths, focus on your heart and observe what you see, feel, sense and hear.

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Its time to come home!!

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