Heading “Home” for Winter

The Chinese correlate winter with the element of water, the kidney’s and their energy which contain both yin and yang.  The essence of ones life force. 

Summer time we are celebrating and active, engaging in the natural flow of the season.  External and moving.

Winter is all about being internal, re-charging the batteries and rejuvenating on all levels…body, mind and soul…”returning home”

It’s interesting that the Chinese associate fear as the emotion that governs the Kidneys.  Given there is a little bean type appendage attached to the top of the Kidney, (known as the adrenal gland) that is responsible for our flight and fight response, it makes sense.

Back in the day when we were running from wild animals our “flight and fight” response kept us from being eaten.  Present day, we run on stress 24/7.

Winter time is your opportunity to take a few rain-cheques in your schedule and head on “home” for a little R&R…

Replenish – body, mind and soul

Quality Sleep, hydrating with warm fluids and nourishing with foods that refuel the body is known in Chinese medicine as “stoking the Ming Men” the winter winning formula for a life of vitality.

Meaning, top up the fuel tank and get that life fire of yours charging on all cylinders to maintain growth, development, reproduction, digestion and cognition.

Human beings are designed to adapt to their environment, at any cost. When ”busy” has consumed your everyday, disconnection from your basic needs occur and you end up running on empty and then expect to perform at full capacity, sound familiar?

Somewhere down the track screws start to come loose and the cracks start to become canyons that swallow you up into the abyss of exhaustion and overwhelm.

A preventative approach is always the best approach.  It really is like putting your car in for a service, it runs a lot better, for a lot longer.


The water element is all about flow and creating the path of least resistance.

Winter is a great time to reflect on the year that has passed.  Reviewing what has worked for you in all areas of your life; relationships, abundance, health, fulfillment. Equally, what hasn’t worked for you.  Redefining and refining stream lines you to an effortless place of creation.

Reconnect with your vision, dreaming and intimate relationships on heart and soul level. Set your intention for the year ahead and let the inspiration bubble up to guide you through the unfolding.

 7 Modern Day Winter Warmers – Easy ways to recharge your batteries

  1. Wake every morning with 7 deep breath, get present, get in gratitude. The same on falling asleep – reflect on the day with thanks for all.
  2. Hot water and lemon on rising – Half a lemon squeezed into a mug of hot water
  3. Movement – whatever that is for you…but move!  Walk, yoga, chi gong or gym
  4. Nourishing Kidney Winter Warmers: No surprise diet is one of the most important elements…
  5. Room temperature water – 1 liter a day
  6. Finish the day with a candle lite bath and some of your favourite music.
  7. Acupuncture tune ups – I may be bias, but for good reason.  This stuff has been around for thousands of years…and works!  The people I work with who deal with various dis-harmonies and high levels of stress notice huge increases in their productivity, energy and general over all well- being.

Which is why I want YOU to have the same experience.  The stress buster is a one hour bliss session of deep relaxation and replenishment.  I am offering 3 sessions and gifting the 4th one for FREE.

It’s time to look after YOU, right?

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